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Fresh Juice Bar
simply carrot: organically grown carrot
fresh apple juice: a blend of fresh sweet & sour apples
carrot-fruit juice: organic carrots & fresh apples
sugarless lemonade: fresh apples & tart lemon
vitamin c boost: sun kissed oranges, tart lemon & fresh lime
skin glow: cucumber, fresh parsley, organic carrots & fresh apples
island punch: pineapple, fresh strawberries & a blend of apples
strawberry special: strawberries, lemon & sparkling mineral water
Delicious Fruit Smoothies
blueberry banana thrill: the perfect blend of blueberries & banana, rich in potassium & antioxidants
peach pear passion: peach, pear and a background of apricot - a great source of vitamin c and dietary fiber
mango mania: a tropical blend of mango, pineapple & banana
forbidden fruit fantasy: hawaiin pink guava, white guava & passion fruit - the perfect tropical delight!
strawberry fields: strawberries, strawberries & more strawberries - it doesn't get any better than this!
strawberry bananarama: everyone's favorite combination of strawberries and banana - vitamin a, c, & e
very merry berry blend: a blending of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
a lotta pina colada: a tropical blend of pineapple, banana & coconut - 0 grams of fat!
lemonade surprise: a citrus delight - with a hint of pineapple - this one will make you pucker up!
mochalicious: a rich blend ofghiradelli cocoa & deep, rich colombian coffee - a chocolate lovers favorite!
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